Saturday, December 18, 2010

Health Care

I think everyone agrees that medical care in this country is out of control. If you have money, you get the best care. If you have little money, you get the bare minimum. The Clintons tried to pass a health care bill. That did not work. Now Presdident Obama was successful in passing a bill. Unfortunately it seems as if "everyone" is trying to do away with the bill. "Too costly". "Unconstitutional", "You can't force me to pay for it even though I will benefit", and so on.

Well, this is just one example of what is wrong with our current system: Earlier this year I developed some type of itchy skin on my head. Nothing seemed to work. So, I finally went to see a dermatologist (why wait so long? Co - pay in my plan is out of sight plus doctors no longer accept what the health plan pays them. I always get a "you owe us more money" bill). Anyway she prescribed a shampoo. Before filling it, my pharmacy called to say it woul cost $159 for a one month supply. I told them not to fill it. So, I then checked the web site of my provider to verify the cost: $159. But without insurance the cost would be $400. For a shampoo. I told the pharmacy not to fill it but then, they called the drug company and lo! The cost was reduced to $30!! Just like that. And you better believe they made a profit on the $30.

So, what is right about that?