Sunday, June 13, 2004

vote or not

Not again. After more than 40 years of voting in every National, State and Local election that I was eligible for, I have decided not to vote again. Why? My vote ( and yours) does not matter. sure, I may feel better if my candidate winds (or feel bad if he loses) but that is all. My life will continue as if nothing changed because nothing will. Democrat? Republican? Independent? Green Part? It really does not matter. The politicians will continue to do business as usual, voting the party line whether it is good for the country or not. They will continue to support who ever contributesz the most to their party or them directly. Tax breaks to large corporations or the individual? Guess who! Billions of dollars will continue to be wased on foreign aid to countries that do not support a democratic type society. So, for the next election, I will sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast and read all about the election the next day. Whatever the outcome, my life will not have changed - except to pay more to keep government running for programs that I didn't want.