Friday, January 11, 2008


Change is almost always good. Without it, we would still be living in caves and wearing skins to keep warm. On the other hand, some change is not ever good. I was brought up to alaways to "sir" or "ma'm". That seems to have gone by the wayside. Saying thanks was just a way of life. Today? Not many people bother. They are too preoccupied with cell phones, MP-3 players, etc to notice that you held the door open for them. Change isn't always good. It used to be that you could tell a woman that she looked nice. It seemed to make her day. Not anymore. Tell that to a young woman today and she will slap a sexual harrassment lawsuit on you. Why? Because you noticed she was a woman. Have you walked into a waiting room (doctor, motor vehicle, or been on a bus/subway where people are standing? At one time, men/children gave their seats to women and seniors. Not anymore. Hey, I got here first. Change isn't always good. At one time children were allowed to be children until they graduated from high school. Now parents rush their children into adulthood before they are ready. Maybe that is why so many young "adults" still act like children. Be a teacher and give a child a hug? Nope, can't do that anymore. Again, change is not always good. Nativity scene on the city courtyard lawn? Why that might offend one person. We used to dress up just to go downtown. Funerals, weddings, graduations and such were always an occassion for suits and ties, nylons, hats and gloves. Sort of like respecting the person being honored. Now? Shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and basball caps worn backwards. And, don't forget to stick a phone/headphone in your ear. No, Change is not always good. Men remove their hats while sitting down to eat? Not anymore. Yeah, it is changing world but I sure miss the "niceities" in life. Those things that made us civilized.